Nursery : Autumn 2 2021 : “A Strange Discovery!”


“On return after the half term holiday, a pile of sticks is to be discovered in the Nursery… we will learn to ask questions.

What are sticks? What are twigs? Where do they come from? What can we do with them?

We will share our thoughts and ask the computer to tell us more about them.  Our story for this topic will be “Stickman” by Julia Donaldson. We will retell the story in our drawings and will talk about what we have drawn. We will continue to practice careful listening by identifying sounds in the environment and sounds made by familiar objects. “Stickman” will help us to hear rhyming words and to identify sounds in words.

Counting sets of sticks and ordering them into size will develop our touch counting and mathematical language of comparison. In the garden we will collect small sticks and enjoy painting them and making decorations for the Nursery. As we move closer to Christmas we will be enjoying many craft activities and singing new songs…but for now you will have to wait and see!”


The Nursery Children

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