Message from the Chair of Governors



October 2019 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Croeso, welcome to our school. The main responsibility of the Governing Body is to determine the aims and overall conduct of the school, with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.

We see the future very much as a partnership between the children, you as parents/carers and the entire school team. We care about your child's education and all-round development and at Malpas Park I firmly believe that your child will be encouraged to make the most of their potential.

Another year has passed and the Governing Body continues to work closely with the school to ensure that it is a happy and safe place for your children to learn. Above all things, governors value the stability and calmness of the learning environment, but inevitably many things contribute to potentially unsettle that peace. Not least is the continued financial pressure on the school and the challenges faced by the Head Teacher, staff and the Governing Body as a result of reduced budgets. Current financial constraints have put pressure on education throughout the city and the Governing Body are working extremely closely with the school to ensure the best possible education is delivered to the children. The Governing Body are very grateful to the staff who have undertaken additional responsibilities to enhance learning.

Once again this year the performance of pupils at the school at the end of the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 has proved very high with pupils meeting or exceeding their expected targets. We as a Governing Body are most aware that this is due to the excellent learning experiences and teaching provided by the very strong team of teaching practitioners and support staff at the school on a daily basis. Pupils’ needs are met individually and their progress towards targets is tightly tracked starting with their wellbeing. Times and society are always changing and Mrs Guest reports that at school, ‘It is of paramount importance that in partnership with our families we ensure that children attend school each morning ready to learn and for this to happen their daily well-being must be the very best it can be. We make it our duty to ensure that this is the case and are working increasingly closely with our families and outside agencies to support their needs’. 

We are now in the fourth year of the Nursery with the provision in the school for learning from 3-11 years. These are exciting times for the staff and governors as we are working hard to change the face of education as a National Quality Improvement School working on implementing a new curriculum.

On behalf of the full Governing Body I thank you for your support of the school through the last academic year. 

Yours sincerely, 

Denis Mills

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