Assessment in M.P.P.S.


Supporting Learner Progression: Assessment

Assessment is an essential element of pupils’ learning. Careful application will allow pupils’ learning to progress seamlessly from the ages of 3 to 16.  

Through regular assessments the pupils’ Class Teacher identifies their strengths, achievements, areas for improvement and the next steps to progress their learning. The emphasis is on each pupil taking a learning journey that progresses with appropriate pace, support and challenge.

As the pupils develop through the school they will take more ownership of their own learning, reflect on their own personal strengths and identify areas of improvement.  These assessments cover all Areas of Learning and Experience in the Curriculum for Wales 2022 and provide a well-rounded picture of the whole child as they progress on their educational journey.  

There are three main purposes for these assessments: supporting individual pupils on a day-to-day basis; identifying an individual pupil’s progress over time; and understanding group progress to reflect on the effectiveness of the Class Teacher’s chosen practice or pedagogy.

Assessment is therefore a part of the planning cycle and is an integral part of the design of the Malpas Park Curriculum.  

Our assessment process is collaborative and all those involved in the pupils’ learning, work together to establish:  

·         where pupils are in their learning  

·         where they need to progress in their learning

·         what needs to be done for them to get there, taking account of any barriers to their learning and how these can be overcome  

Twice a year, Class Teachers hold Learning Reviews with parents which are opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s learning and progression. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 are encouraged to attend their Learning Reviews with their parents. These Learning Reviews with Parents may be held face-to-face, virtually or by telephone.

It is, of course, expected that parents will contact the Class Teacher with any ongoing concerns between these times.

In addition, a written end of year Learner Progress Report is provided to parents to furnish them with an overview of their child’s learning and progression.