The Curriculum

The language of the curriculum at Malpas Park Primary School is English reflecting the fact that the vast majority of our pupils are of White British origin.

We provide our pupils with a curriculum which seeks to educate the ‘whole child’ as well as in academic and practical ways. We strive to make our curriculum appropriate to pupils’ needs with teaching styles that develop positive attitudes to learning, and the acquisition of both knowledge and the skills for self-discovery.

The National Curriculum in Wales has undergone a change. In revising the curriculum, the challenge was to establish a curriculum for the twenty-first century that meets the needs of individual learners whilst taking account of the broader needs of Wales. To help achieve this, the revised school curriculum aims to:

  • focus on the learner
  • ensure that appropriate skills development is woven throughout the curriculum
  • offer reduced subject content with an increased focus on skills
  • focus on continuity and progression 3-19, by building on the Foundation Phase and linking effectively with the 14-19 Learning Pathways programme
  • be flexible
  • support Government policy, including: bilingualism, Curriculum Cymreig/Wales, Europe and the World, equal opportunities, food and fitness, sustainable development and global citizenship, and the world of work and entrepreneurship
  • continue to deliver a distinctive curriculum that is appropriate for Wales.