Gwefannau defnyddiol/Useful Links:


Here you can find links to websites which may be useful. They give materials that may reinforce and extend topics as well as there being some fun websites.

Note: although these links have been checked, in no way does Malpas Park Primary School take responsibility for the content found within the sites!

Here a link to some very useful Welsh Government information:

Websites: - Revision activities for children aged 5-11 - Literacy activities for children aged 4-11 - - Numeracy activities for children aged 4-11 - Information and links for parents

Literacy Websites:

Learn to read with Starfall (excellent interactive site) (literacy/language ideas)

Little Animals Activity Centre (various activites for ages 4-8)

BBC Words and Pictures (aimed at ages 5-7)


Fact Monster

Fizzy Funny (great selection of poems)


Word Games


Numeracy Websites:

Education begins at home – Information from Welsh Government regarding maths. 

Welsh Government (WG) has spoken and listened to parents/carers, and one recurring theme seems to be a fear of maths and supporting their child at home.  WG recognises the importance of parental engagement being the vital link between school and the home.

WG has produced online videos and these can be found by searching for maths resources on the WG’s YouTube channel at and the online booklets to use in conjunction with the videos can be found at under Education begins at home – Maths Resources for Parents.

All resources are featured on WG’s Facebook page under the Maths Resources tab

e-chalk - Graph Generator-(Allows you to create any 4 quadrant graph, grid or isometric paper)

BBC Dynamo (literacy, numeracy and science games)

Mental Maths (maths warm up activities)

Primary games (fun maths games for all areas of maths)

BGFL (maths booster website)

Number gym (lots of activities)



Random Websites: 

(we are part of it!) (photos of space- rather amazing!) (endangered species) (maths ideas) (Welsh heroes)

Art Pad Painter (Great for budding artist!)

Pictures of Earth (from NASA)




Gwefannau defnyddiol/Useful websites