The Curriculum in M.P.P.S.

Each pupil in Malpas Park will have the opportunity to build upon their knowledge, skills and experience so that they can prosper in our ever-changing world. The curriculum will enable each learner to make progress while they are in school. We are committed to providing our pupils with opportunities to play an active part in the school’s decisions and development and have an equal chance of participating in some essential life experiences. In this way our pupils will ‘live’ the dispositions contained within Four Purposes of the new Curriculum for Wales 2022.    

Our curriculum is evolving. All of our school community has a voice in how we develop our curriculum; it will always be evolving and improving. This process is demanding and we trust our teachers to make a curriculum that is creative, enjoyable, informative and challenging for all. Currently we are using teacher-child initiated themes or projects as a vehicle to deliver the curriculum in a way that makes their learning more authentic and purposeful. Overviews are shared with pupils and parents at the beginning of each project so that learning can be supported at home. The partnership between home and school is vital if children are to flourish and to reach their full potential.  

Our curriculum is more than a series of planned lessons or a well imagined theme or project, it is about everything we do in school, it is what you see and feel as you move around the class or talk to children.

The curriculum in MPPS