The Core Values and Vision of the School


The school holds very high aspirations and levels of expectation for both the pupils and staff. At Malpas Park Primary School our core values are:- 

  • Happiness at school
  • Excellent models of good behaviour
  • Resilience at work
  • Positive sense of self-worth
  • Honesty at all times
  • A wide range of experiences
  • Challenge for all
  • Support for all
  • A strong sense of community

In support of our core values we have a shared sense of vision which permeates everything that we do and is reflected in our everyday practice.

“At Malpas Park Primary School our purpose is to provide a secure, supportive and inspirational environment where every individual is valued and enabled to achieve their full potential.  A care and respect for the community and their wider environment is instilled along with the development of flexible and transferable skills for life long learning.  At our school we make a difference together.”

From this we take our mission statement;

“Making a difference together” 

Our core values and vision reflect the fact that the children are unique individuals with different aptitudes and abilities.  They learn at different speeds and come to school with a wide variety of differing experiences.  They are however going to live in the same complex society where information technology and the super-highway will be an integral consideration.

 We therefore recognize the need to provide an ’entitlement curriculum’ an irreducible minimum range of experiences which every child has a right to receive.  At the same time it is essential that a school provides this in such a way as to motivate children over the whole spectrum of aptitudes and abilities.  Consequently, working together we continually strive to ensure the following:

  • the building and maintenance of clear and committed interaction between pupils, parents, governors and staff
  • our pupils develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally in a place where everyone has the right to be heard and where we listen to each other with respect
  • that the pupils’ experiences within the school have a formative and significant influence on their understanding of relationships
  • that the curriculum provides children with the opportunity to grow in understanding through the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values
  • we educate the pupils intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually within a school firmly based on Christian principles whilst recognising the cultural diversity of our community
  • pupils to grow in these areas and achieve fullness of life through discovering and developing their talents,
  • the recognition and celebration of the talents of others
  • we set positive, realistic as well as challenging goals for all our children.
  • the promotion of Christian values encouraging in pupils a sense of decency, commitment, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for others, their cultures, religion and promoting a healthy self-esteem.
  • we help pupils find a vocation in life by beginning to introduce them in simple ways to the world of work and life in the community beyond school
  • encouraging the development of rounded persons capable of making a contribution to society - someone we would all be happy to have as a neighbour
  • we stimulate in each child a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world and encourage an understanding and concern for the physical environment.

At Malpas Park we believe that children should have a range of experiences that gives them a sense of awe and wonder.  Throughout the school, we carry out a large range of indoor and outdoor learning activities, educational trips, visiting theatre groups, poets and authors, residential outdoor pursuits and many others. 

The School's Aims