What our children say


Our Year One children were asked if there was anything they especially liked about school.  Here are their responses:

"I like Minecraft on the ipads."  Beau

"I like drawing on the whiteboard and I like painting pictures of mummy."  Ollie

"I like playing outside with the hula hoops."  Oliver W

"I like playing in the doll house and in the sand pit."  Oliver B

"I like going on the drawing table with my friends."  Lilyana-Grace

"I like doing painting, so that I can paint nice things for mum and dad."  Olivia

"I like learning how to make things like the diorama."  Theo

"I like learning."  Ezra

"I like learning about Maths because it's my favourite."  Xavier

"I like learning about Maths.  I like to write the numbers and I also like playing outside with Thomas."  Bella

"I like learning about Maths.  I like doing numbers."  Jenson

"I like doing painting.  I like to paint of pictures of my friends."  William

"I like playing in the dolls' house with my friends."  Thomas

"I like going on the ipad.  I like playing Minecraft.  I like going on the drawing table and drawing Spiderman pictures."  Marcel

"I like playing Minecraft on the ipads."  Oliver J

"I like to learn about new things.  Maths is my favourite because it is fun."  Annabelle

"I like the Spheros."  Brooke

"I really like doing my work because it's so much fun and I try super hard at all times."  John#

"I like playing with the balls outside when it's over to you."  Logan

"I like playing Minecraft on the ipads."  Bailey

"I like driving the Speros."  Daniel

"I like learning and I like writing my words."  Jax

"I like colouring on the colouring table."  Lucy

"I like to play on the Math's table because I am very good at Maths."  Kristian

"I like playing on the yard with Olivia."  Jasmine#

"I like doing play sports on a Thursday."  Tobias

"I like colouring on the colouring table."  Liliana-Mae

"I like playing with my friends and I like going on the ipads." Jake

Our Year Five children were asked if there was anything they especially liked about school. Here are their responses:

"I like doing sports in the afternoon on a Wednesday with Billy."  Rhys

"I like using ICT in the class, reading and dancing." Ava

"I like doing Explorer Challenges, especially when we get to go outside and make pictures with nature."  Luella

"I like our topic that we are doing about WW2 and since I've been in Y5 I think my writing has improved.  Also I like ICT because I am a Digital Wizard."  Jensen J

"I like to cook with my friends.  I also like using ICT at free time.  I love to draw during dinner time and free time."  Eloise Rose

"I like to do shop because you can earn DOJOs for being good.  I love doing sports on a Wednesday because I love being athletic and healthy."

"In school I enjoy ICT because there's so much to learn but my favourite thing is making games for younger people in the school."  Jensen E

"I like Maths and i think I've improved in my Maths work.  I like our WW2 topic it is really fun and educational."  Ffion

"I like the sports on a Wednesday with Billy.  I enjoy Maths because I learn a lot."

"I enjoyed our immersion day when we dressed up as evacuees based on our topic WW2.  I enjoyed making WW2 bread because I love cooking."  Jenia

"I enjoy doing sports with Billy on a Wednesday afternoon.  I like saving up dots to buy the stuff in the DOJO shop."  Ralphie

"I like the WW2 topic because it's fun to write about.  I enjoy the daily mile to keep health."  Daniel

"I like doing the daily mile to keep me fit and healthy."  James

"I love Maths because it makes me think more.  I loved the immersion day because we made bread and dressed as evacuees."

"Hi my name is Freddie and today I'm writing about my year in year 5.  First of all I've enjoyed making bread as an evacuee and our little picnic.  We have a DOJO shop and I've bought two hot chocolates.  Yum."

"I adore writing stories in our literacy books.  I enjoy our WW2 topic and listening to Goodnight Mr Tom.  I like doing the daily mile because I have some fresh air and chatting with my friends while I can.  I love the teachers because they have great personalities and make things fair on all of us."

"I love keeping healthy and doing the daily mile every day.  I enjoy our PPA session on a Wednesday with Billy because I love sports."  Imogen

"I like PE with Billy because we did netball and I really liked it and I have got better at it.  I really like literacy and I that I have got better at it."  Sienna

What our children say